Friday, 7 January 2011

1940's make-up...

 Here is what I did on my friend. However, instead of the eyeliner flicks, I decided to use a bit of eye shadow, either grey or brown would have been the colours used in the 40's. Finally I completed the look by creating a 'victory roll' This was done using heated rollers and then pins to hold in place.
 Dita Von Teese is a perfect example to how the make-up should be worn! The shaped eyebrows- usually done using brow pencils or if you haven't got one of them then eye shadow does the trick perfectly, eyeliner flicks- using liquid eyeliner...and my favourite brand would be bobbi brown but if you want a cheaper alternative the collection 2000 is great. Finally bright red lips and for this...I love benefit!
1940's make-up is very clean and very fashionable even now. I love wearing 1940's make-up because I get to wear red lipstick......anything to make my skinny lips fuller!

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