Monday, 13 December 2010

To get a stare, wear big hair!

At the moment, I have a real love for big hair and so when I saw the beautiful Rihanna take the stage on X Factor I just had to write something! You definitely don't have to have thick hair to do it either! To create a curl like Rihanna's, it would be best to use a curling wand. These really are wonderful because you can literally get any size curl you want! The more hair you wrap around the wand the bigger the curl is!

 Here is a hairstyle I loved when I did a photoshoot for uni. This was created using crimpers, followed by separating the crimped hair with a comb and back combing it A LOT!
Here is an image of Lily Cole that I am completely in love with. I love her hair so much, the colour and the style. I also love the image as a whole because she reminds me of a dolly. I definitely am going to have to re-create something similar to this!

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