Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mii make-up.... LOVE LOVE LOVE

Sorry I haven't been writing recently, been extremely busy with uni work....booooo! I have decided to let you all know about a make-up brand that I have only just come across but am very impressed with!!! This brand is 'Mii Make-up' and it's by Gerrard International. But why Mii?
A make-up... 'that combines the finest
ingredients, effortless application
and unrivalled expertise to bring
out your natural beauty.
There's also a unique minerals
range which works in harmony
with your skin, to give you a glow
both inside and out.'

First of all....I love the packaging!...a little 'Benefit' like.
I have always found it hard to find a nice foundation that stays on all day and that blends properly..... but now I have only gone and found one! Mii's flawless face base is so nice and use it in conjunction with the miracle base brush, you will actually have an airbrushed look! (and trust me I have tried the whole airbrushing foundation :)) The Miracle base brush, which I now call the magic brush. Wonderfully blends the foundation, but doesn't collect any product.....see... it's magic! You literally just wack it on your face and the using the magic brush in circular motions, blend it all in. It looks amazing!

Unfortunately I haven't got any more pictures because it's oh so new but when I get some i'll pop them on here! You'll be able to get it online but any girls in LB, you can get it from 'Expressions' my sisters beauty salon in town!

Friday, 11 February 2011


I much prefer my body when its a lot of girls! So usually I use what I think is the best...'Fake bake original' This is a great tanning gel that when you apply to the skin it is already tinted, giving you a dirty tan look but a perfect guide for applying, just so you don't get those dredded streaks! In the box you get the tanning gel/lotion, gloves and a mini tube of body conditioning, which you put on elbows and knee...any harder skined areas that might need smoothing before the tanning process.

 This Fake bake is usually around £23 but if you look online shopping, you can probably get it for £17. If this is still a bit over your budget, I have found a wonderful alternative......Soltan beautiful bronze gel. This is only around £6 and has been on offer a lot recently. It does have a slight tinted guide when applying, which helps but do be careful to get everywhere! I have found it really good and am sure that I will definitely be buying it again!
To apply the soltan I used a mitt which is good because it is re-usable onces washed but disposable plastic gloves are also good and will do the job.
Hope thats helped anyone :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

BarryM'S Crack......

 Well..... I know what you were all thinking, but it's nail varnish! This new BarryM nail varnish is pretty cool. Above are my nails at the moment. I have just tried it out and am very impressed!
 The new 'crackle effect' nail varnish goes on like a normal black nail varnish would, then dries leaving a cracked effect.
Underneath this crackle nail varnish I decided to use this collection 2000 aztech gold and it looks wicked. I must warn you all ..... buy it if you see it as it seems to be selling out everywhere!!

Friday, 7 January 2011

1940's make-up...

 Here is what I did on my friend. However, instead of the eyeliner flicks, I decided to use a bit of eye shadow, either grey or brown would have been the colours used in the 40's. Finally I completed the look by creating a 'victory roll' This was done using heated rollers and then pins to hold in place.
 Dita Von Teese is a perfect example to how the make-up should be worn! The shaped eyebrows- usually done using brow pencils or if you haven't got one of them then eye shadow does the trick perfectly, eyeliner flicks- using liquid eyeliner...and my favourite brand would be bobbi brown but if you want a cheaper alternative the collection 2000 is great. Finally bright red lips and for this...I love benefit!
1940's make-up is very clean and very fashionable even now. I love wearing 1940's make-up because I get to wear red lipstick......anything to make my skinny lips fuller!

Monday, 13 December 2010

To get a stare, wear big hair!

At the moment, I have a real love for big hair and so when I saw the beautiful Rihanna take the stage on X Factor I just had to write something! You definitely don't have to have thick hair to do it either! To create a curl like Rihanna's, it would be best to use a curling wand. These really are wonderful because you can literally get any size curl you want! The more hair you wrap around the wand the bigger the curl is!

 Here is a hairstyle I loved when I did a photoshoot for uni. This was created using crimpers, followed by separating the crimped hair with a comb and back combing it A LOT!
Here is an image of Lily Cole that I am completely in love with. I love her hair so much, the colour and the style. I also love the image as a whole because she reminds me of a dolly. I definitely am going to have to re-create something similar to this!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

tips for xmas nails...

The star gazer pearly silver (109) is a perfect xmas shade. I really love it and it goes with all outfits for going out! However to add a more xmas touch, use a silver glitter nail varnish on top. Doesn't matter what make, they all will make this look perfect for a night out!
This is the silver glitter nail varnish that I used. When I saw it I fell in love with it but when applied it didn't quite fill in my nails as much as I wanted it to. To solve this I put a coloured nail varnish underneath. This can of course work for any colour!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter dolly!

 Beautiful lashes from girls aloud with an added sparkle on top, just like the snow.
 Lots of layers and volume.
Plum eyeshadows look great on all skin types!
Curly hair to give that natural and playful look.
 The silhouette of the clothes in this one works really nicely. Our own personal human doll!

 Fashion stylist- Hatty Bell
 Hatty Bell's link-
 Photography- Chloe fairclough and Hatty Bell