Friday, 11 February 2011


I much prefer my body when its a lot of girls! So usually I use what I think is the best...'Fake bake original' This is a great tanning gel that when you apply to the skin it is already tinted, giving you a dirty tan look but a perfect guide for applying, just so you don't get those dredded streaks! In the box you get the tanning gel/lotion, gloves and a mini tube of body conditioning, which you put on elbows and knee...any harder skined areas that might need smoothing before the tanning process.

 This Fake bake is usually around £23 but if you look online shopping, you can probably get it for £17. If this is still a bit over your budget, I have found a wonderful alternative......Soltan beautiful bronze gel. This is only around £6 and has been on offer a lot recently. It does have a slight tinted guide when applying, which helps but do be careful to get everywhere! I have found it really good and am sure that I will definitely be buying it again!
To apply the soltan I used a mitt which is good because it is re-usable onces washed but disposable plastic gloves are also good and will do the job.
Hope thats helped anyone :)