Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mii make-up.... LOVE LOVE LOVE

Sorry I haven't been writing recently, been extremely busy with uni work....booooo! I have decided to let you all know about a make-up brand that I have only just come across but am very impressed with!!! This brand is 'Mii Make-up' and it's by Gerrard International. But why Mii?
A make-up... 'that combines the finest
ingredients, effortless application
and unrivalled expertise to bring
out your natural beauty.
There's also a unique minerals
range which works in harmony
with your skin, to give you a glow
both inside and out.'

First of all....I love the packaging!...a little 'Benefit' like.
I have always found it hard to find a nice foundation that stays on all day and that blends properly..... but now I have only gone and found one! Mii's flawless face base is so nice and use it in conjunction with the miracle base brush, you will actually have an airbrushed look! (and trust me I have tried the whole airbrushing foundation :)) The Miracle base brush, which I now call the magic brush. Wonderfully blends the foundation, but doesn't collect any product.....see... it's magic! You literally just wack it on your face and the using the magic brush in circular motions, blend it all in. It looks amazing!

Unfortunately I haven't got any more pictures because it's oh so new but when I get some i'll pop them on here! You'll be able to get it online but any girls in LB, you can get it from 'Expressions' my sisters beauty salon in town!